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The Pleasures of Music

So much of what passes as interdisciplinary work in computational creativity is woefully lacking in artistic experience and understanding. This is a pervasively critical flaw — after all, the creative side of the equation is our primary goal, is it not? To help us discover a more appropriate balance, let’s briefly examine how human composers… Read More

Automating Musical Descriptions: A Case Study

It’s widely accepted that music elicits similar emotional responses from culturally connected groups of human listeners. Less clear is how various aspects of musical language contribute to these effects. Funded by a Mellon Foundation Research Grant through Dickinson College Digital Humanities, our research into this questions leverages cognition-based machine listening algorithms and network analysis of… Read More

Study in Stylometry

In July of 2013, Patrick Juola, a computer science/mathematics researcher at Duquesne University, uncovered the fact that J.K. Rowling was writing detective novels under an assumed name. Juola used simple statistical methods (distribution-based, primarily) to analyze the length, frequency, and relative placement of words and n-grams. Results were compared against numerous writing samples and presto,… Read More