Exploring computational creativity through intelligent software. Learn how it works.
Iso­mer Research

Our research lever­ages cognition-based machine lis­ten­ing algo­rithms to explore con­nec­tions between emo­tion and musi­cal lan­guage. See our lat­est project.

Iso­mer Creativity

Learn­ing from mod­els of human cre­ativ­ity, Iso­mer can express its own musi­cal thoughts. We call this com­pu­ta­tional cre­ativ­ity. Hear Isomer’s lat­est music.

Iso­mer Applications

Our work has direct impli­ca­tions for media (i.e. music, film and gam­ing), adver­tis­ing and other indus­tries. More on the appli­ca­tion of our tech­nol­ogy com­ing soon.